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My red, red heart.

spinning in the rain

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I am a high school student currently living in the state of Utah. There's not much free time these days due to extensive hardcore schoolwork, but when I do crawl out the piles of homework, I spend my time enjoying music and obsessing over musicians. Well, there's not a lot to say, or maybe there's too much so I can't put it all down =.=. But anyways, trivial things about me: am optimitic but no life after death (depressing start, eh?), college stresses me out big time (not getting any better :(), will kill anyone who affends the chinese culture (wooooo, scared yet?), asian food rocks (yay!), our government teacher can't spell (haha, totally random), I've never been in the attic in my house (I swear I hear footsteps up there at night, and it's right above my room!), and the finale........... I love DBSK!!! ♥ yay! Now I'm getting all hyper, tsk tsk XD

Ummm, pics? Let's see......

DBSK Five in Black
Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun ♥, Hero JaeJoong, Max ChangMin, Uknow Yunho

Micky YooChun from All About DBSK 2 *love* he's so sweet ^^

Uknow the leader boy, very cute *nods*

Han Geng in car
My adorable Han Geng aka Han Kyung from Super Junior, he's so nice!!!!! ♥ love his smile